Design Your weekend around bingo fun – You won’t regret it

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Looking for a way to capture the fun of going out without leaving your comfortable home? We totally understand. You see, there are only so many concerts that you can go to before you’re just tired of the long lines and the heavy crowds. Same with going out to shop on the highstreet. Is a sale really a sale when money is going out of your pocket with no hope of being returned? Sure, it’s a valid exchange of goods and services for money but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily will enjoy it forever. It makes more sense to be able to step back and focus on what you ultimately want to do, and then find a way to do just that. For us, it would have to be playing bingo.

bingo fun

Now, bingo makes people think about of the vintage gaming halls where blue h aired ladies would leave the grandchildren with their families and go down for a rousing session of bingo. They didn’t want to take too much time to themselves, so this was their way of decompressing from a stressful week of handling family at every turn and even a few part time jobs mixed in. But you don’t have to be a bluestocking in order to appreciate the magic of bingo, especially when played online.

Let’s set the scene for a moment. You’re going to play bingo online form the comfort of your living room, or bedroom if you feel like lying down. There will be no overpriced snacks to buy, because it’s all living in your fridge and on your shelves from the beginning. You can play as long as you want, and if you need to nip off to the store for a bit, you can pause your gameplay and come back when you have more time. No one will ever tell you how little or how much to play, which is the ultimate power of online gaming in general. You get to come and go as you please, with no one having to know your personal details if you don’t want them to do so. Read More

WhichBingo Awards 2016 open new categories

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Just like any other major industry, the world of online bingo has a whole raft of different award events, such as EGR, BingoPort or WhichBingo, just to name a few.

Given the competitiveness of the market, brands do their utmost to strive for the accolades in the hope that they will bring greater awareness in the market and in turn, new players through their virtual doors.


On Thursday 19th May WhichBingo will be hosting its annual awards evening, this time in the cool, quirky and exciting surroundings of the London aquariums.

This year sees the return of, ‘Best Online Bingo Site’ and ‘Best Bingo Chat Team’, but in addition to these much sought after titles is the introduction of some much shorter categories.

Take ‘Best Jumpman Gaming Site’ for example, Jumpman Gaming is a software provider that is used primarily by the 15 Network. This is a network with many fewer sites, that collectively occupy significantly less of the market than other networks such as Dragonfish or Cozy Gaming.

Thanks to the introduction of new categories such as these, brands like Rocket Bingo which uses the Jumpman gaming software and have significant less players than the likes of Tombola or Foxy Bingo are now able to compete for their chance of award recognition.

We spoke to the manager of Rocket Bingo, Tom Waite, who said, ‘We’re delighted that WhichBingo have introduced new categories such as ‘Best Jumpman Gaming Site’ as it gives the small but well trusted brands like Rocket the chance to shine, when previously, competing against the major brands on a player’s vote basis was a nonstarter’.

As an incentive to get players votes, Rocket Bingo have promised to put on a £1,000 free bingo game if they scoop the award!

Here at we will be waiting with baited breath to see who wins an award in this new category, we expect to publish the full WhichBingo 2016 results on 20th May.

Update: Rocket Bingo are delighted to announce that they scooped the Which Bingo 2016 award for ‘Best Jumpman Gaming site’. We wish Rocket Bingo the best of luck – it’s great to see a UK bingo site succeed in such a competitive player voted category.